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I am a Home Based Keeshond Dog Breeder in the purest form of that title. I offer quality, home raised Keeshond Puppies. I've had Keeshond in my life for over 30 years.

My babies are born in my Master Bedroom where they receive my undivided attention from birth. 

Starting on Day 3 we begin the Bio Sensor Stimulation program that is the foundation for their development along with the protocols outlined by Puppy Culture. I have used these methods since my first litter with marvelous results.

Once their ears open we begin calling them by their name (if already provided by new parents) in order to start their recall at the most opportune time.  

If not named we simply call them "baby", or "babies" when in a group. 

We talk to them and engage in cuddles with them whenever they are awake so they learn to anticipate human contact.

Within weeks they come to expect and desire interaction.

As Mom begins to wean them we step in to offer food, play and comforting in Mom's place to facilitate the bonding process. 

In this way we imprint human interaction as a warm, loving experience that allows them to associate all of the wonderful things they enjoy as coming from their human. 

Human bonded from birth makes babies more affectionate, more easily bonded to a new family.

At 6 weeks they move into the Living Room to become familiar with the energy of an active household. 

Here they have their first encounters with dogs other than Mom and trusted friends who visit each litter. 

They also begin sleeping in the dark. Socialization and habituation are the focus in weeks to come.

Puppies have 24 hour access to Fromm Gold Puppy food, water, an array of toys, room to play and tons of new experiences designed to encourage interaction and a desire to learn. 

Mom is allowed to spend time with her babies as she wishes as she alternates nursing, cleaning, playing with them with periods of her absence as part of the natural weaning process.

Puppies go outside multiple times per day in a play yard to go potty and to become familiar with the sights, sounds and smells of a busy neighborhood. 

They spend time in the indoor puppy play room for puppy shenanigans, play time and exercise

When they leave me they will be familiar with cars, motorcycles, cats, dogs on leash as well as off, people jogging, children playing, lawn mowers, the FedEx truck, UPS truck, school bus, USPS Mail carriers and much, much more

Friends and family visit as well as adoptive parents making their selection and neighbors who stop to get some free puppy love. This helps them become comfortable with 'strangers' approaching them and ensures they eagerly accept petting, holding and playing from new people. 

All visitors are asked to clean their arms up to the elbow prior to holding or petting. Shoes are removed and medical grade slip over booties are donned on feet to protect against outside contaminants.

At 7.5 weeks of age they visit my Vet of 15 years to receive their microchip, a final deworm, a thorough exam and first DHPP vaccination.

All of my dogs are on schedule with preventatives for Heartworms and Intestinal Parasites as well as Fleas and Ticks. 

Even with these safeguards in place, I deworm all puppies with Strongid and Panacur prior to their visit to my Veterinarian.


Puppies are treated with Compounded Ponazuril, a product prepared by Roadrunner Pharmacy for me as prescribed by my Vet. 

This is done as a precautionary measure to safeguard them from Coccidiosis, an increasingly common and potentially deadly parasite. 

I have been Blessed to have the most dedicated, brilliant, passionate Veterinarian caring for my companions.

They recently worked hand in hand with Cornell University in isolating and identifying the newest strain of Dog Flu in order to define it and offer insight into the development of a vaccine that will help combat this newly mutated, deadly virus.

In September 2015 my Veterinarian partnered with Morris Animal Foundation and was Honored for her dedication and contribution to the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study.  

This was an observational study done in an effort to help solve the mystery of Cancers in Golden Retrievers. 

The information and results could potentially aid in the prevention, treatment and cure for Canine Cancers. For more information click on the link below.

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