Admiraal's MD Lovecraft Windsong "Breezy" Admiraal's MD Lovecraft Windsong "Breezy" Admiraal's Lovecraft Windsong "Breezy" brings an amazing new Champion Pedigree to the future of MistyDay. 205921918 Natural for photos At 3 months old Breezy is spot on for photos...any time, anywhere..she stops and poses when she sees the camera. 205963871 Big smile 3 months old with the most beautiful smile. 205963872 Huge personality Breezy at 8 months old. She is a breathtakingly beautiful girl with great structure and a sassy, spirited personality. 206171896 Full of energy Loaded with energy and up for shenanigans at all times Breezy also focuses easily, fully and intensely. I'm thinking she is going to be a perpetual puppy. 206171897 6 months old and got to experience her 1st snow! She loved her 1st snow! Big snowfall, 7 to 8 inches was so much fun! 206172014 Smarty pants Trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue 206172015 Spaz! Spaz shuffle scoot snow floundering 206172016 Tired But still not ready to go inside. Thankfully the snow got to about 7 inches and a good time was had by all throughout the day. 206172017