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Keeshond Puppies For Sale

Keeshond Puppies For Sale

AKC Bred With Heart
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Fabulous Evi of Lovecraft keeshond
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   These are just a few photos of my grown puppies enjoying their new families. Many of them love the water whether swimming pool, lake or ocean. 

They go on fishing expeditions, family ocean explores, enjoy paddle boarding, camping, hiking and one even uses his own boogie board at the beach!


The Keeshond is a social breed, loves being with their people. They often adjust their energy to that of the family...ready to climb a mountain with you at a moment's notice or lounge on the sofa watching your favorite shows. Whatever makes you happy. 

The Keeshond does well with children, cats and other dogs. 

They adapt to most any situation but it is important to select your puppy based on the most common activity level in the home. 

We work with you to select your puppy to ensure a good fit. 

We do recommend Training for you, your family and the puppy to establish a language you all understand. 

Puppy's need consistent rules, and words, so they know what is expected of them and Training provides that foundation. 

We look forward to helping you realize your dream of being owned by a Keeshond.

Puppies Available. Ready in February.

    Mobile: 678-357-1681


   Please leave a message if you get my voicemail.

Fabulous Evi of Lovecraft keeshond
Amazing Koda of Lovecraft Keeshond
Lovecraft Keeshond ready for fun
Lovecraft Keeshond serious face
Lovecraft Keeshond Pool Party
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